Rutero (2015)

by Kevin Conor Downey

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released April 8, 2015

Recorded @ Ram Alley (Belfast, Ireland)
with Citzen Nobody
Kevin Downey (Vocals / rhythm Guitar)
John McCann (Bass)
Dave (Guitar)
Paul (Keyboard / backing Vocals)
Alley (Drums)

Alls songs by Kevin Downey



all rights reserved


Kevin Conor Downey Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Need to Know
Need to Know

I dont mind
if you dont mind
I got all I need to know

Yes you will, yes you will
cause I need to know
yes you will, yes will
tell me whats goin on

life is just a ride
it happens all the time
everybody wants
what they dont own
Track Name: Between the Lines
Between the Lines

She takes days to reply
I should care but I dont mind
Shes probably got her nose buried
because it turns her on to learn and it
turns me on to think
that she spares a thought for me
somewhere between the lines

She comes running of the train
into my arms once again
But it was all just a dream
not like in the movies still it
turns me on to think
that shes waiting there for me
somewhere down the line

The lights are on but no ones home
I call her on the telephone
she whispers 'Im locked away
in the central library because when
I pick up a book
I cant help but think of you
somewhere between the lines'

Over and under
page after page
softbacks to hardcovers
I still see your face
between the lines
Track Name: Rodez

Jenny saves us from ourselves
and lift me up out of Rodez
Im sorry if I aint be myself
the road is long and it gets longer still

I passed a street named after you
and I photographed the sign
it was blue and broken
I found if beautiful still
I held my grey hair in my hands
and closed my bloodshot eyes
with my nerves shattered
and my heart strings pulling

When I return
poor and wiser
take these thumbs for fingers
and warm them by the fire
fold your bones next to mine
on our bed of promises
your smile cracked like ice
when my ship rolled in

Jenny save us from ourselves
and lift me up out of Rodez
Im sorry if I aint been myself
lift me up when its time to go
tell me what I already know
I love you to babe